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How We Started

It started with the ambition to create a homegrown engineering company during the uprising of the Malaysia Oil & Gas scene back in 2004.

When a giant conglomerate acquired our joint venture partner, we became a separate and independent entity. Being independent meant that we had to rise to the challenge on our own merit and technical capability. Naturally, we progressed into expanding our services to the bigger and wider scope of Process Safety consultancy.

Unfazed by the overwhelming competitions, we took the next step. Our game changer was integrating the strength of our Pressure Relief Device Analysis capability with a completely new offering, Risk-Based Inspection. This winning combination was and still is our Blue Ocean capability. A new vehicle was needed for this venture. Thus, Frontium Energy Sdn Bhd was born.

Since then, we continue to move forward. The name Frontium is a clever wordplay to reflect our drive to always be at the forefront and ahead of the game. And now, Frontium is on the R-I-S-E…  

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Frontium Group of Companies

Frontium Group of Companies consist of;

  • Frontium Energy Sdn Bhd

  • Frontium Berwanger Sdn Bhd

  • Frontium Corp Sdn Bhd

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Frontium On The R-I-S-E

Frontium is an established, specialized engineering consultancy company on the R-I-S-E:


  • R - Risk-Based Inspection

    • Risk-based inspection services for static equipment, piping, pressure relief device, structural and pipeline.

    • Specialty in API RBI methodology and API RBI software

    • API RBI Training (collaboration with E2G)

  • I - Integrity

    • Full range of Mechanical Integrity services from CDBM to Inspection to Fitness-for-Service

    • Specialized in the complete suite of software analytics for materials & corrosion; and  Fitness-for-Service including Finite Element Analysis

    • Inspection services using Drone / Robotic technology

    • API Fitness-for-Service Training (collaboration with E2G)

    • API Damage Mechanism Training (collaboration with E2G)

  • S – Safety

    • Full spectrum of 3rd party Process Safety services from HAZOP/HAZID to HSE Case

    • Specialized in 2D and 3D analysis for Fire & Gas Mapping, Fire & Explosion Assessment, Smoke & Gas Ingress Assessment, Gas & Smoke Dispersion and Thermal Radiation

    • API Pressure Relief Device Training (collaboration with E2G)

    • Other Process Safety Training

  • E – Engineering

    • Process & Mechanical Engineering design and review under certified Professional Engineers (Malaysia)

    • Specialized in Pressure Relief Device Analysis (Sizing and Capacity Study) and Flare Network analysis

    • Topside Dynamic Simulation including Compressor controls

    • Technical Manuscript Development including Engineering Procedures and Performance Standards

    • Hysys Dynamic Simulation Training

    • Ansys CFD Training

For more than 10 years, we worked with 50+ clients from the oil & gas, petrochemical and energy industry. We are gradually expanding our client base to the oleo chemical and other industries.

We helped clients to identify the hidden risk in their design and operations so that they can go back home safely to their loved ones.

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“To provide world class-cost effective engineering services and software solutions to the Oil, Gas & Energy industry”


“We are on the mission to deliver the highest quality of engineering services and drive down the cost”


“Our vision is to become the client's trustworthy resource in obtaining the best engineering solution”


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Gary Cohn

"If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter what business you're in, it's a risky business."

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