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Mechanical Integrity: About

Mechanical Integrity (MI) involves management systems, work practices, methods, processes and procedures established in order to protect and preserve the integrity of operating the equipment i.e. avoid loss of containment due to the effect of equipment damage mechanisms. It is typically one of the elements of Process Safety Management (PSM).

Several activities of MI are necessary to ensure that equipment/assets are designed, fabricated, installed, operated and maintained in such a way that they provide the desired performance in a safe, environmentally protected and also reliable. This is achieved through the Life Cycle Management (LCM) process.

There are several key elements in LCM process, including damage mechanisms identification, construction codes and standards, in-service inspection codes, fitness for service standards, post constructions and repair guidelines. In addition, important aspects of the LCM include standards development, proper use of the standards to address safety and reliability and user training.

Mechanical Integrity: About
Mechanical Integrity: Services
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